“One of the most interesting people I have interacted with was Peyton Manning. Watching him control the team and field was unbelievable. It was his team for sure. He is so smart and knew every angle of the offense and defense. During my first game with the Indianapolis Colts, we were in the locker room, kneeling for prayer before the game like we always do. I took a knee, stuck out my right hand and another hand grabbed it. I slowly looked to my right and it was Peyton Manning holding my hand. I about died. I could have went home right then and been as happy as can be. It was Peyton frickin Manning!! That still puts a smile on my face.”

I had the pleasure to interview Jesse Nicassio. Jesse was born and raised in Oak Park, CA. Nicassio attended Eastern Washington University where he played collegiate football. After college, he was picked up by the St. Louis Rams and then played for the Indianapolis Colts. During his last few seasons as an NFL punter, Nicassio created his company Juke Performance and invented the MASS Suit and EZ Kicker football.

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