If you’re serious about improving your speed, coordination, balance, and speed, look no further than agility ladder training.

But first things first what do I mean by agility? 

Agility refers to your ability to change position accurately and quickly—usually moving at a fast pace in one direction then abruptly slowing down and switching direction almost instantly.

Guess what’s the best way to improve this valuable fitness skill? 

Sure, it’s by performing specific agility drills.

Agility ladder training can rev up your heart rate and challenge your footwork, coordination, and speed like nothing else.

You don’t know how or where to start? Worry no more. In this infographic, you’ll learn more about the main benefits of ladder training, how to start the right way, as well as some of the most efficient speed ladder drills out there.

Please perform this routine shared in the infographic at least one time per week Do more if you improving agility is your main fitness. Just remember to take enough rest between each session and to always train within your fitness level and with good form. Otherwise, you’re heading in the wrong direction.

The rest is up to you. I hope that you incorporate the drills into your workout routine as soon as possible—especially if you’re serious about reaping gains, fast.

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