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The evolution of Juke Performance, the industry leader in advance wearable fitness and therapeutic products for individuals, athletes and rehabilitative clinics is set to disrupt the industry by changing the way people view training and health. With Juke, an authentic, experienced brand has been born, derived from experts in athletic performance levels, scientific therapeutic remedies, and those with the keen insight in how to strike the delicate balance between working hard and knowing the body’s limits. As Juke Performance lives up to the products created; innovation, fitness and education never sleep. Pioneering a health movement takes community building, encouragement and trust, solely produced through real-life personable interactions between our products and creators.


Founded in 2006 by professional athlete and NFL standout Jesse Nicassio, Juke Performance Inc. was created to provide individuals of all ages, regardless of physical status, the opportunity to improve their fitness level, technique, desired body type and overall health and wellness.