Resistance band workouts is one of the safest and most effective exercises you can perform. From the youth starting out their new health conscious routine to gain some strength to an adult who wants to get into high intensity training in a safe way. The MASS Suit covers all ends of the spectrum.

With a one size fits all resistance band apparatus anyone can start getting into shape and at a faster pace. With multiple clips and different resistance levels to the bands a slow beginning is actually a faster improved ending. Start your MASS Suit fitness exercises off at the right speed. Have one band attached to each leg, and arm. That resistance level will be perfect with that attachment set up to start.

When it is time to increase in resistance to enhance your strength you can add the knee bands and elbow bands. You can also double up on the leg and arm bands or go from medium strength to heavy strength bands. Your routine should start at low reps, 10-15 resp, or 30-45 seconds interval training with 15-20 second rest between sets. The Suit will be engaging your entire body making all your muscles work simultaneously so you will feel the effects right away. You are no longer doing isolated exercises with the Suit on even if you are just doing an arm curl your whole body is firing.

Start your routine off with basic movements to get use to the resistance such as squats with a press, punches, front kicks alternating legs. These exercises will warm up your body and improve balance and coordination. The MASS Suit will make you really concentrate on coordination and muscle memory. That whole muscle memory is thrown out the door when you first put the MASS Suit on so that’s why beginning slow is recommended. You can always build up to more extreme complicated movements as your strength, stamina and coordination improves.

Front lunges and back lunges is a great lower body exercise to begin with. That will eventually lead you into jump lunges, a more advanced movement. If the MASS Suit is too intense for the beginner you can always adjust the shoulder straps and side straps to loosen the tension to keep on with your routine. You never have to stop improving when you have the MASS Suit on. Even standing in the MASS Suit and going for a walk is strengthening your muscles and your bone density. If you are over weight and just need to start moving, put on the MASS Suit and go for a 20 minute walk. The MASS Suit is endless. It is made for the beginner up to the elite. It’s fully adjustable bands will cater to your level and needs.

When starting out in fitness you have to make sure of proper muscle balance. Weight lifting might improve your dominate side more than your weak side creating a terrible inbalance. This will lead to pain, injury’s and improper muscle growth. With a Full body apparatus such as MASS Suit, it will engage your entire body equally. It will force the body into proper posture making the muscles work in correct position. This will decrease injury’s and promote faster stronger muscle growth. You will not begin your fit life with unbalanced inefficient muscle growth. This is extremely important to working out and getting fit while sustaining and optimal healthy lifestyle.

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