Being agile doesn’t always translate to exceptional athletic performance. It is how you can move, change direction, and maintain control of your body day-to-day with efficiency. Known to be our body’s ability to be graceful, quick, and proficient, speed and agility training enhances our mind-body relationship that not only develops our balance but improves our body’s recovery time as well. Whether you are looking to make a lasting impression in the gym or you simply want to outrace everyone to the buffet line, you will no doubt reap a handful of great benefits by challenging yourself with these speed and agility drills for cones and ladders.

Why Would You Want To Be Agile?

Reputable coaches vouch for their effectiveness in enhancing an individual’s running speed and athletic qualities. Utilized by trainers to create a unique exercise experience as well as to boost their weight-loss program, here are some of the reasons why it’s good to be agile.

Improves Our Mind-Body Connection

By developing areas in the brain that promote quick responses to a range of stimuli, speed and agility training spurs our body to be more responsive. Although such rapid movements may seem challenging at first, sudden changes in direction become more natural as your drills progress.

Develops Coordination And Balance

By performing quick starts and stops, hand-eye coordination and quickness will teach the body to work as a unit with proficiency. Since speed and agility training with ladders and cones encourages the body to develop balance even during such dynamic movements, a person can move smoothly with more fluid and coordinated transitions.

Enhances Recovery Time

As intense workouts leave you with low energy levels and sore muscles, the bursts of movement in speed and agility training deliver a stronger musculoskeletal system which, if practiced over a sustained period, can effectively shorten recovery time.

Prevents Injuries

Most injuries occur when our body falls out of alignment while it was in motion. By increasing our balance, flexibility, and control, speed and agility training teaches our body to maintain its posture and alignment during movements which lower the risk of injuries.

Much like HIIT exercises, speed and agility drills such as side-stepping footwork using an agility ladder or running a slalom course around speed cones engage more muscles which produce an optimal outcome in minimal time. By putting on the Mass Suit, you add a little resistance to your repertoire, translating into much better workout results.

The Top 5 Speed And Agility Drills For Ladders And Cones

Cone and speed ladder exercises are the best way to get started if you are looking for agility training. Since working on cones and ladders helps strengthen every athlete’s ligaments, joints, and tendons, including these exercises to your repertoire will no doubt get your heart pumping and those calories melting.

Single Foot In Each Square

While this may seem unchallenging for some, particularly for the more experienced athletes, performing this drill at its full prepares your body for the more daunting exercises on the ladder. Simply place one foot in each square alternately and pick your feet up until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Stay on the balls of your feet and cross the full length of the ladder as quickly as possible. By making certain that your knees are high as you go down the ladder, you will push your heart rate further, increasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Lateral Stepping

From playing tremendous basketball defense to sidestepping a throng of pedestrians on a busy subway, lateral movements are an essential part of our exercise routine every day. Start by standing on your side on top of your ladder with your lead foot at the ready. Quickly go down the entire length of the ladder while staying on the balls of your feet, keeping your toes and hips facing forward the whole time. Do the same thing on the other side, this time leading with the other foot. This exercise challenges our minds and teaches us to move in an uncommon level of motion with efficiency.

Cross Overs

Similar to the other exercises, make sure that you stay on the balls of your feet as you quickly place one foot into a square and fluidly stepping to the side with both feet. What you are aiming for is an IN, OUT-OUT pattern and your goal is to get either foot on a square and both feet on the side as you make your way down the ladder. Try as much to quicken your pace for a challenging yet fun heart pumper.

The 3 Cone L-Drill

As one of the more popular agility drills utilized by professional trainers and coaches, the L-drill is used to enhance speed, balance, agility, and change of direction. Start out by labeling 3 cones from 1-3 and placing them in an L shape about 5 yards apart. Crouch on your three-point stance and sprint to touch Cone #2. Sprint back to Cone #1 then sprint around Cone #2 before running towards Cone #3. Turn around then sprint back and around Cone #2 before running home to Cone #1.

The X-Drill

Ideal for developing quick feet, moving at great speed towards different angles, as well as sudden changes of direction, this helpful drill prepares you for quick transitions and faster reaction times when playing sports. Set 4 of your cones up in a square about 5 yards apart. From Cone #1, sprint to Cone #2 then run across towards Cone #3. Follow that up by switching directions quickly and rushing towards Cone #4. Finish off by simply rounding and sprinting back to Cone #1.

Designed to work every inch of your leg and core muscles, speed and agility drills build strength in places that are sure to enhance your game intensity and performance. While all these exercises can be performed effortlessly with or without the Mass Suit, wearing our full-body resistance gear as you complete these drills helps increase your speed, endurance, and strength by adding friction to your movements that make any form of activity a challenge.

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