Does the MASS Suit really work?

Yes it does. The science of resistance training has been proven for many years and we just put it into an innovative Suit. If you think its a gimmick, gimmicks only last 6 months to a year. The MASS Suit has been around for 6 years. We have sold thousands of MASS Suits. We have professional athletes in almost all sports using the MASS Suit. Follow us on our social media to see current updated videos of athletes, professional athletes and fitness enthusiast training in it.
What are the sizes of the MASS Suit?
The MASS Suit is a one size fits all. You just adjust the straps and bands to fit your size

How old can you be to use the MASS Suit?

You can start using the MASS Suit at age 8. Adjust straps and use the knee silver bands as your leg bands to start.

What sports is the MASS Suit intended for?

MASS Suit can be used for all sports for enhanced speed, strength, power and endurance. That’s football, basketball, soccer, hockey, track, volleyball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, rugby, gymnastics, swimming, MMA, Boxing, baseball and military training

Is wearing the MASS Suit with your workout routine more beneficial that not wearing it?

Yes, you will get a more efficient and effective workout in by wearing the MASS Suit. You will see faster improved results when training in the MASS Suit. You will get toned faster and increase your performance levels faster.

What does the MASS Suit do for an Athlete?

MASS Suit enhances an athletes speed, strength, power, endurance, vertical jump and explosion.

How can you wash the MASS Suit?

You can take off all the rubber bands and place all straps and the Suit in your washing machine and then the dryer after. Make sure to not place any rubber bands in the washing machine or dryer.

Can you use the MASS Suit for rehabilitation/physical therapy?

Yes, you can use the MASS Suit to strengthen the muscles and bones around the injured area before and after surgery/injury.

Will MASS Suit help with weight loss?

Yes, the MASS Suit can cut up to 50% more calories in your workout by engaging your entire body simultaneously, increase body temperature and heart rate. The Suit will make you work against the resistance with every movement.

Can you take the MASS Suit in water?

Yes, you can take the MASS Suit in the pool, ocean or any body of water. Make sure to hose it off with fresh water after use.

Can you wear the MASS Suit if you’re an amputee?

Yes, you can. We have created all the right straps to fit an amputee needs and it will not harm any prosthetics.

How can you increase or decrease the resistance?

To increase or decrease the resistance you can either add more bands to the suit or change the color band from silver to gold to increase resistance