We all are aware of golf as this sport is considered as the most popular and gentleman’s game. Also, known as the activity of leisure and well-received worldwide. Like other few sports, golf also can be good for health. In your leisure time, along with having fun, you can certainly maintain your health by playing golf as it is played in a huge outdoor area covering 30 to 200 acres which require a certain amount of strength.

Exactly like golf, there is one game called Putterball for children and elders both. This game is developed for those who are keen on golf and want to play in their small backyard. This putterball set includes all the equipment like golf. Isn’t it cool? Now playing golf at your convenient place is easy and healthy which is going to be discussed further.

Burns calories

As golf requires covering huge space that is covering 30 to 200 acres that means a yard of walking. And we know walking does help in burning the calories. In golf, walking at least an average course would be between 5 to 7 kilometers. If someone prefers to carry their own clubs which involve more of a walking, swinging and carrying allowing players to burn even more calories. In one single game, the golfer can burn up to 1000 calories.

Improves Heart Rate

Playing golf can be a good exercise for a heart. As mentioned above golf helps in burning calories, carrying, walking and swinging will help in improving heart rate keeping it engaged in smooth pumping and enhancing blood flow. Naturally, it reduces excess cholesterol and helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. As golf involves a lot of activities, by playing golf every day, people can seriously reduce the effective amount of cholesterol and can stay healthy for longer.

Improves Vision

It is understandable that playing golf needs a clear and focused vision where the player has to keep an eye on the white little ball that may be far away in yards. Golfers understand to hone in on tiny and neat targets from long ranges even when the ball is far away. Before their strike or swing, golfers are exemplified with the opportunity to analyze the longing of their intuition while enriching hand-eye coordination. By this, playing golf helps in sharpening your vision and in focus. 

Good for brain

Not just golf improves heart rate and vision but it also helps in strengthening the brain. As heart rate rises, blood flow rises too which helps the brain-stimulating and an enhancing nerve cell association that helps in delaying mental disease like dementia. Not just the brain, golf also helps in boosting self-esteem and confidence by rivalling or competing not just against others but with themselves too for gaining promising scores individually. This overall requires cognitive enthusiasm in calculating scores, refining strategy and facilitating hand-eye coordination which generates the brain in logical function.

Reduces Stress

Golf requires huge outside space for playing and involves the like-minded people with whom one can interact and can share their opinion or interest which is an extraordinary way to overlook the troubles. The satisfaction of walking and playing in open natural surroundings and spending time with companions creates a good mood and releases endorphins, a mood intensifying chemical in our brain making relaxed and happier.

Enhance better sleep

As you play golf your body indulges in an exercise like carrying, walking and swinging and thus make you tired. You have now used most muscle groups. The mental game has been on high. Your eyes have been focused making them tires and ready to relax. The sun has been beating down on you. You are now looking forward to sitting down and taking a load off your feet. This will all help your tired body get good sleep and the following morning you will feel rejuvenated and ready to go another round. 

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