Mass suit enhanced golf training

While golfing in the MASS Suit

The MASS Suit puts the golfer in a stable grounded stance while activating their glute’s, legs and core. The Suit makes the golfer work against the resistance force during their swing to improve torque power. The Suit will force the muscles to work simultaneously which will increase strength and speed. Your weaker side will balance out in strength to be equal to your dominate side which will also improve power and speed. The Suit will not get in the way of your swing or negatively influence a golfers range of motion. You are completely free and able to fully extend your range of motion.

Exercising in the MASS Suit.

Performing MASS Suit workouts as a golfer will improve your overall strength, speed and power. Train with the JUKE Fitness program to strengthen your entire body. These routines can be done at home or in a gym. The MASS Suit is exactly what a golfer needs to sustain long days on the course. It will improve a golfers muscle endurance and strength. You will hit the ball further and be more fluid in your swing. Your power in your swing will come even without you trying harder.

How to Hit the Golf Ball Further like Tiger

The mass suit is the pro’s secret weapon. See results after just one day of training in the mass suit

Hit the Ball like a Super Hero. The best type of Golf Training out there to get more distance on your ball within the first day of training. This Golfer in the video hit the ball over the net after he took off the Mass Suit from just 15 minutes of training with it on for more Power. His torque in his swing increased tremendously. More power in his core and legs.

Six-time PGA Tour winner Steve Pate wearing Mass Suit and has caught the attention of his fellow PGA Tour Champions pros.