After years of refining his ideas revolving around High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT), MASS Suit, Juke Performance’s flagship product, was born. 

Unlike most fitness equipment bought on impulse and in a fog of over enthusiasm, only to be left collecting dust in a garage somewhere, MASS Suit has proven to be the perfect solution for almost everyone; the workaday businessperson as much as the professional athlete. 

MASS Suit and Fit On the Go: “They enjoy the fact they can take it anywhere …” 

Other than the fact that it works like gangbusters, a key benefit that Juke’s customers have conveyed is how much they enjoy being able to take MASS Suit anywhere, ensuring they get their workouts in and their fitness goals are met. 

After some thought Jesse and the Juke Performance team decided to expand on the idea of ease-of-mobility by creating a High Interval Training (HIIT) program that works in conjunction with MASS Suit. 

That’s exactly what they’ve done.

It’s called Fit On the Go … and the positive customer feedback says it all:

“Great program for my lifestyle. I’m a traveling salesman with no set times to workout. With Fit On The Go and MASS Suit, I get a fast, effective, full-body workout in my hotel room or anywhere I need to workout.” – Joe Ackerman

“In less than 20 minutes it felt like I did an hour worth of cardio. Any person that trains with Juke’s Fit On the Go and MASS Suit will definitely have an edge when it come to their cardio and getting fit faster.” – PJ Henderson

“For 20 years, I’ve had access to the best equipment, trainers, and routines. Nothing has worked me as hard as the MASS Suit and Fit On the Go. They kick my ass. And I don’t care who you are, they’ll do the same to you.” – Lee Reherman

As you can see, Fit On the Go was designed to be a supplement to MASS Suit in both concept and functionality. 

And according to customers, it’s working.

Targets every muscle group for a whole body resistance workout 

Because the Fit On the Go targets every muscle group, you are guaranteed to feel the burn. And if you put in the work, with the help of MASS Suit, you’ll get the results your looking for. 

Fit On the Go is a serious resistance program that will help you: 

  • Workout anytime, anywhere (perfect for those with erratic schedules);
  • Increase workout efficiency by 73%;
  • Build a stronger, toner body (within the first 5 minutes you’ll feel it);
  • Safely use a HIIT program;
  • Burn up to 50% more calories (concluded after a full year of testing and tens of thousands of burned calories).

Another key benefit of the program is, just like MASS Suit, it’s extremely easy to follow. 

The 30-day program complete with 9 easy-to-follow routines and done-for-you Fit Cards make it foolproof. (The Fit Cards are like instructional index cards and you can also download them on your phone.)


She lost 35 pounds on Day 40 … and she looks (and feels) great! 

Results are the name of the game for Jesse and his team at Juke Performance. And with MASS Suit and Fit On the Go, they’ve developed the straightest line to fitness success for anyone.  

But if you don’t do your part, it doesn’t matter what equipment you buy or programs you try to follow. 

Check out 25-year old Paige …

She committed to using MASS Suit and Fit On the Go the way they were designed to be used.

40 days later and 35 pounds lighter, she experienced a full-body transformation … and she looks (and feels) great.

That’s almost a pound a day!


Paige is the perfect example of someone who was willing to do her part when it came to re-sculpting her body and realizing her fitness goals.

If you’re willing to put in the work, Juke Performance has the “one, two” fitness combo punch that will give you back the body you’ve once had, or always wanted. 

To order your Fit On the Go program, click here. 

For maximum results, Fit On the Go should be used in conjunction with MASS Suit. 

If you haven’t already purchased MASS Suit or would like to schedule a time to demo it, contact a Juke Performance Fitness Consultant today

Or call 818-865-9922 now. 

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