Most people expected the 2000’s to be something special when it came to new advancements and training methods. One of the most exciting advancement came with in the Athletic, Fitness and Therapeutic world. The technology is a resistance Suit, called MASS Suit. Main purpose…to give you better results in less time.

The MASS Suit was created by, Jesse Nicassio, CEO of JUKE Performance. He is a 3rd generation inventor, 11 year NCAA record holder in football, former professional NFL athlete, trainer to professional athletes and mentored in fighting under UFC Hall of Famer, Bas Rutten. You can say Jesse has some experience when it comes to what athletes or fitness enthusiast need to reach the next level.

“Exercise and fitness protocols geared to the individual and individual empowerment – physical, mental and motivational — are the defining elements of what I deem the new direction for a new generation of individuals striving to achieve higher levels of performance and functionality. That’s why I created the Mass Suit™.”

–Jesse Nicassio

The MASS Suit is one of the most advanced resistance products in the world. It is a full body resistance suit. It can cater to a high level athlete or to a child trying to improve balance and strength. The MASS Suit is set to enhance your performance levels in a much faster time period by engaging all muscle groups simultaneously. When muscle groups are engaged you will be building speed, power, strength and endurance like no other tool on the market. Athletes have seen improved vertical jump, sprint times, long distance runs, faster punches and stronger kicks. Exercises such as plyometric box jumps, ten yard bursts, punch and kick routine on a heavy bag. It will take a good athlete and make them great. Imagine resistance bands connected to your legs providing resistance to your hip flexors, quads and core when you throw a kick.

DOMINATION IN BODY GEAR MASS Suit is superior to the other a like products, as they would say the weighted vest and gravity vest. Those products just add more weight to your frame. They don’t target specific muscle groups. They are very shifty during high intensity workouts. They put a lot of pressure on your back and spine and they do nothing for you when it comes to punching, kicking, core strengthening or exercises that involve bending over. Actually when you bend over it will cause injuries as the weighted vest rests up on your shoulders and has no support from your legs and glutes to hold position. Your lower back will misfire and injuries will occur. Imagine having weights on your shoulders as you lift a tire or try to get into proper position to do plyometric jumps. Ouch! The MASS Suit multi-functional apparatus is proven to be far more advanced and useful than an old age weighted vest. Plus it’s hard to travel with a 25+ pound weighted apparatus. The Mass Suit is also lightweight and compact, ideal for taking when travelling and if you are in the military on deployment you can take your gym with you!
NEW GENERATION FIT Not only do athletes utilize the MASS Suit but also so does the fitness industry. It is very effective for at home training in your backyard, in your home to a DVD, or at a gym with or without your trainer. You can perform any exercise with the MASS Suit and get better and faster results. Functional training is one of the most effective workouts with the suit as you are always stimulating most of your muscle groups. Try a tire lift, floor exercises, mixed martial arts routine, cardio kickboxing or add to your existing routine to intensify it. Go outside and run sprints, run hills, train at the beach or take a swim.Do some bear crawls, throw a medicine ball, even lift a log and you will get insanely stronger faster. The results you will see is defined legs, ripped arms, stronger core, strengthened glutes and overall more power to sustain other exercise routines.

“Technology needs to work for you, not against you – it should get you out of your chair rather than confine you to it. That’s a key concept that drives Juke Performance Inc. and contributes to the skyrocketing popularity of the Mass Suit.”

–Jesse Nicassio

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