MASS SUIT Enhanced Speed Training for Football

MASS SUIT Enhanced Speed Training for Football

Speed is an important skill for anyone stepping onto the football field. Whether you’re focusing on your offensive or defensive game, speed training exercises for football players can elevate your game. Adding resistance with the Mass Suit to the equation can help to build endurance and strength at the same time. Below, we’re sharing four effective speed training exercises to help you improve your performance on the field.

By using the MASS Suit in your speed training you will be increasing your speed, endurance and strength even faster. See results within 14 days. The MASS Suit has been shown to enhance your workout efficiency by 73%


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1. Suicide Drill

Most athletes that took part in any high school sport will be familiar with the Suicide Drill. To set up, simply place three cones at increasing distances, or use lines on the field as markers (to start off you might want to place the cones 10 yards from start line). By wearing the Mass Suit resistance bands it will help you with explosion out of your first step. Start on a base line. Get your body off the ground into a burst motion and into a running position. When a whistle blows, run to the first marker and back to the base line, then to the second marker and back to the base line, and finally to the third marker and back to the base line. Take a rest, then repeat the drill two more times. With each drill, work on improving your time.

Adding Resistance: With each practice, you should notice your time improving. When you’re happy with your best time, add resistance to make the drill more challenging. Resistance during a Suicide Drill will build endurance as you work muscles harder and turn the drill into a full body exercise.

2. 1-2-3 and Back

This speed drill prepares players for the unpredictable pace of a game. Set up for the exercise by placing three cones at five yard intervals. Have a second person help you out by calling out commands. Start at the first cone and have your partner call out “one”, “two”, and “three” at random, directing you to sprint to that cone, along with “back” to direct you to back up to the previous cone. Making the commands random will keep it interesting and ensure that you’ll never get too comfortable with the motions. Do the drill for 30 seconds, with continuous commands. Repeat twice.

Adding Resistance: While sprinting will improve your speed and the unpredictability will keep you on your toes, resistance can add a new level of challenge. Wearing the Mass Suit during this exercise will help you build strength with every movement.

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3. Push Up Starts

During a game, you’ll need to be ready to move at any moment and from any position. Get ready for the Push Up Start by finding a base line and choosing an end point about 20 yards away. Go to the base line and get into a push up position to start. From there, push yourself up and burst into a sprint, running full force toward your end point. Walk back to your starting point and repeat the drill 3 to 4 times. The goal is to stay low throughout your movement, training your body to build speed immediately from any position.

Adding Resistance:This drill should be a challenge for any player to get out of their comfort zone. Adding resistance takes that challenge one step further. Wearing the Mass Suit while moving from one position to the next will give your muscles an extra stretch as they work harder to get your body off the ground and into a running position.

4. Hill Sprints

The most basic of speed drills is often the most effective. Coaches tend to always go back to Hill Sprints when looking for speed training exercises for football players because the uphill motion, downhill speed, and quick intervals work together to create the ideal training scenario. The drill itself is simple. Start at the bottom of a hill, run to the top, and come back down. Ideally, the sprint should last about six to eight seconds. Focus on keeping proper running form, both on the way up and on the way down. Take a 10 second rest between intervals and repeat five times for a full set.

Adding Resistance: Adding resistance to the drill takes it from being a simple and straightforward exercise to becoming a challenging workout. The added resistance will take much more strength to pull uphill and will require more restraint when building speed on the way back down.

While speed drills are highly effective on their own, adding resistance with the Mass Suit will give each exercise a new level of difficulty. You’ll see the difference in your speed, endurance, and strength with every workout.