MASS Suit Teams Up With Gigawatts for First Lego League Competition

“Jesse Nicassio recently consulted with a group of young inventors from Fort Payne, AL. As a part of the First Lego League International competition, the Gigawatts faced solving a space problem. They started with the effects of microgravity on astronauts’ muscles and bones. Astronauts’ muscles and bones weaken with microgravity in space. Astronauts lose up to 1.5% of some bones, especially in hips and the lower back, in just one month in space! In just five years on Mars, they lose 72% of muscle and bone mass! They researched existing exercise equipment solutions used on Earth and in space and discovered resistance bands and compression clothing. 
They knew they were onto something when they discovered the MASS Suit. The Gigawatts reached out to Jesse, and he consulted with them about the importance of strength training. He shared a sample MASS suit with the team, and they began design their own suit made for space. They consulted a physical therapist, an Anatomy/Physiology Professor, a Quality Assurance Specialist from NASA, and Joseph Acaba, an actual astronaut, to design a suit that met the needs of astronauts in space. 
The ASTROFIT uses compression clothing with INTEGRATED resistance bands taking fitness in space AND ON EARTH to the next level! Can you imagine floating in the air while running sprints, and staying in the same spot? Gigawatts call that zero gravity strength training! The innovative, customizable suit incorporates interchangeable, covered resistance bands INTO clothing that an astronaut can wear ALL the time. The bands can be engaged for exercise or disengaged when needed. Jesse told them about the importance of the core for overall health so their 3D printed core reactor takes care of all sides of the core.

Their diligent research, testing, and implementation of the engineering design process allowed them to develop the ASTROFIT, which makes exercise in space easy, comfortable, affordable, and fun! They learned that when it comes to your body in space and on earth, it’s either use it or lose it! With the ASTROFIT, astronauts can keep their muscles and bones from deteriorating while traveling in space! Not only will it rehabilitate astronauts, but also, senior citizens, surgery patients, athletes, and even help those with diseases like Juvenile Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophy, and slight Scoliosis!
Just this past weekend at the state championships, Alabama recognized the Gigawatts’ hard work when the team won the 2nd place Champions Award and the Global Innovation Nomination from the state. The 2nd place award qualifies them for a trip to an international competition in Arkansas. The Global Innovation Nomination qualifies them to submit their invention for another international competition in Silicon Valley. It is the second year in a row that the Gigawatts have won the innovation nomination. Their invention last year was a machine that reclaims for reuse all the water from your washing machine through a process called electrocoagulation. 
The Gigawatts know that it would not have been possible to develop the suit without inventors like Jesse Nicassio who shared their ideas and Engineering Design Process tips. The Gigawatts thank everyone who supported them on the journey to find that RESISTANCE creates strength in SPACE, on EARTH, and in LIFE!”

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