Used By Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard

Land or Sea Advanced Training, Wounded Military Personnel 

Train Smart to give your Body the Optimal Chance to Perform at it’s Highest Level in stressful Situations.
MASS Suit will Simulate your Heavy Gear you Wear but with Safety and Efficiency. Take control of your Body, Mind and Spirit with our Innovative & Proven Technology


The Program

Fitness Training on Land, Ship & Submarine

Increase Power and Strength

Train under stress to shoot with controlled breathing

Add to your run to improve Endurance and cut running time down

Reduce training time to 30 minutes and feel as if it was an hour

Follow a Customized Training program Certified by NASM and ACE that targets and strengthens all muscles groups

Decrease Injury and Increase Muscle Enhancement Longevity

Martial Arts Training to increase power and speed in your punches and kicks

Can train together as a group with your Individual MASS Suit

Take control of your Body, Mind and Spirit with our Innovative & Proven Technology


Exercise in a small confined Area


One size fits all

Can increase or decrease resistance to make it lighter or heavier

Extremely light weight (4 pounds) and small (can fit in a 12x12x9 inch area)

Comes in it’s own sports bag

Navy Seal’s High Performance Training Suit

(Click on Picture for his training)

Royal Commando, Nigel John, MASS Suit Training For The Commando Course

Enhanced Results

With our innovative technology of the MASS Suit, you are able to train anywhere in the world, on a ship, with a group or by yourself following our easy Fit Card Program. You will get better, faster full body strengthening results than you have ever seen. You will be able to stay fit at all times, hitting different muscle groups each day. Stimulate your mind with multiple workout routines, cut workout time down and most importantly improve your physical & performance results with each workout.

JUKE FIT on the Go

“Hands down, the MASS Suit is one of the best training equipment I have ever used to get me ready to enter the United States Marine Corp. In addition to my other required workouts, the MASS Suit has helped to increase my stamina, strength and endurance. I used the MASS Suit months prior to get me ready for my PT testing, which I tested first out of my group. This is a must for all military personnel from ship to shore”.
Stephen Opferman

0331 Machine Gunner, United States Marine Corp

“As a doctor I see a lot of different pieces of exercise equipment used to help various conditions.  Unfortunately, 99% of the time it’s really the same old thing with a different twist.  When I was introduced to the Mass Suit I was blown away.  I saw infinite possibilities.  This product can be utilized by so many different populations.   The Athlete:  Speed, strength, agility and muscle endurance.  Everyone thinks they are the next superstar.  But what are you doing to be and train differently?  The Mass Suit is your secret weapon to make that dream a reality. It pushes your energy output so you can reach the next level in performance   The Average Joe:  Poor posture is becoming an epidemic due to our laziness and increased amount of time behind a desk looking at a computer or sitting in a car commuting to work.  Poor posture has caused so many degenerative problems which lead to muscle tension, lack of range of motion and pain.  The Mass Suit will help fire the weak posterior chain muscles to maintain proper posture.  This will increase flexibility, range of motion and decrease muscle pain.   The Wounded Soldier:  Our men and women go into situations that the average person couldn’t even imagine.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned and these warriors get injured.  The Mass Suit can help rehabilitate these injured men and women and help bring them hope again.  The Mass Suit will help them fire muscles that have forgotten how to work.  It will help bring back a little bit of normality.   For whatever your challenge, weakness or dysfunction is, I would highly recommend you integrate the Mass Suit into your normal training routine to get exceptional results.”   Dr. Eric Blum currently works with the LA Dodgers, NBA and NFL athletes, Olympians, and formerly worked with the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets. He has won the Gold Standard Award (US Swim Team) and holds multiple certifications and specializations in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Golf Biomechanics, Functional Movement Screen, Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape among many others.
Dr. Eric Blum

LA Dodgers