Used By Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard
Land or Sea Advanced Training, Wounded Military Personnel
Train Smart to give your Body the Optimal Chance to Perform at
it’s Highest Level in stressful Situations.
MASS Suit will Simulate your Heavy Gear you Wear but with Safety and Efficiency.
Take control of your Body, Mind and Spirit with our Innovative & Proven Technology

On The

Train Under Stress and Pressure to Improve Gun Control, Gun Speed, Aim, Strength & Stamina

Advanced Rifle Training For Control & Accuracy

Advanced Pistol Training for Speed, Control & Accuracy

MASS Suit training is in the forefront to sustaining and enhancing our Military’s fitness levels anywhere in the world. Deployed over seas, or on board of a Naval carrier, military personnel will be able to exercise in a 5 by 5 foot area or smaller to make sure they are at optimal strength to carry out their mission. The wearable MASS Resistance Suit will simulate wearing heavy gear. Providing from 50 to 200 pounds of resisted weight they will strengthen their muscles, increase endurance and enhance their fast twitch muscles. No big weights, just a 4.7 pound suit that can be used in any training routine. The MASS Suit will make you faster and stronger with the freedom to get fit anywhere. MASS Suit will put the war fighter under stress for breathing control and to work on calming their mind to properly focus. MASS Suit has the capability to improve gun speed and gun targeting control.

The Program

Fitness Training on Land, Ship & Submarine

Increase Power and Strength
Train under stress to shoot with controlled breathing
Add to your run to improve Endurance and cut running time down
Reduce training time to 30 minutes and feel as if it was an hour
Follow a Customized Training program Certified by NASM and ACE that targets and strengthens all muscles groups
Decrease Injury and Increase Muscle Enhancement Longevity

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Royal Commando,
Nigel John, MASS
Suit Training For
The Commando