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Lateral trainer for agility and Speed

The Mass Suit Lateral Trainer is ideal for improving your speed and agility. The resistance bands are created to train your leg, glute, and hip muscles. The bands provide up to 25 lbs of resistance while enhancing coordination in training.


To take your body to the next level, attach the Lateral Trainer to the Mass Suit for more resistance and full body performance. Currently, there is no other product on the market that provides lateral and full body training simultaneously. Work your legs, glutes, and hips, while defining your core and arms.


Each Lateral Trainer unit comes with 2 padded ankle straps with Velcro closure and 2 adjustable latex resistance bands.

  • Improved Speed and Agility
  • Enhanced Lateral Movement
  • Stronger Core, Legs, Hips, and Glutes
  • Greater Coordination
  • Improved Side to Side Speed Drills and Hurdles


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