MASS Suit Elite Series

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High performance training Suit that will enhance your speed, strength, power and endurance. The Greatest resistance training Suit on the market.

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The Enhancements You Need

MASS Suit Elite Series is the Ultimate in Accelerated and Speed fitness training. Apply the Suit to any routine and you will see enhanced results in strength, speed, explosion and endurance. MASS Suit can be taken anywhere for a fast effective workout. Follow our Printed Fit On The Go Routines and get ripped in 30 days. Increase your workout efficiency up to 73%. Use MASS Suit for sport specific training. You will see improved performance in the first month guaranteed. Increase or decrease resistance by easily adding or removing clips and bands on your own. No platforms, No walls, No heavy vest, fully mobile and ready to accelerate your performance. MASS Suit creates total body resistance training for every sport and fitness routine to give you the most out of your workout. We are resistance training on steroids. Are you ready to improve faster than everyone else?

MASS Suit Harness is a one size fits all. Ages starting from 9 years of age on up. 

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    • Mass Suit Apparatus includes:
    • 2 Knee Straps
    • 2 Over The Shoe Straps
    • 2 Hand Grips


      • Additional items:
      • 1 Mass Suit Sports Bag
      • 2 Gold Arm Bands (Heavy Strength)
      • 2 Silver Knee Bands (Medium Strength)
      • 4 Silver Leg Bands (Medium Strength) Creating a heavy Load Capacity


Get our Fit On The Go High Intensity Interval Training fitness program to get you 6 pack abs, shredded arms, sculpted butt & defined legs in 30 days. The combined strength and cardio routine will strengthen your entire body. Get an hour workout in just 15-45 minutes. These routine are simple and effective way to cut those calories. Easy to set up and to follow. You never have to miss a workout again!

9 reviews for MASS Suit Elite Series

  1. mperlmutter

    Really works! Increased my speed, power and stamina. Easy to use too. Just put it on and do your regular routine. It’s your regular routine, but tougher!

  2. Cari

    This is the workout I was looking for. I have never used anything that pushed me so hard and was this easy to use in all of my workouts.

  3. Akash

    The Mass Suit increased my workout efficiency. I felt like I got more done in half the time. I highly recommend this to all.

  4. Josh

    This product is amazing. It has elevated my workouts and I can always use it when I change up my routine.

  5. Matt

    This product is awesome! Not only do I use it for my own fitness routine, I have also integrated the Mass Suit into my sports medicine clinic. Its beneficial at all stages of rehab and continues to help the healthy athlete with stability, strength and explosion. I recommend professionals in sports medicine or athletic performance to check this product out if they want a step up on their competition.

  6. Only 268 lbs to go

    I often wear this product to work. Or around town. On the bus. Underneath my clothes. To meetings. The new ELITE model is sleek and light. It’s like a little man is on my back. But no one knows he’s there. I know. So I run faster. Pick em up and put em down. Thank you MASS SUIT.

  7. Kel

    This thing is a game-changer. Had some trouble at first figuring out how to put it on, but then I saw there were directions and it actually wasn’t that tough. I like that I can use it at home to step-up my usual workouts. I’ve been using it for a few months and I’m definitely getting stronger and my stamina has increased.

  8. Larry Greene

    As a personal trainer and fitness company owner, I see so many different types of “fitness equipment” out there. The MASS Suit is the REAL DEAL. Super effective, portable, multi functional. Core engagement, postural awareness, variable resistance, mega calorie burner, muscle activation – just a few of the amazing and unique attributes of wearing the suit. I use it, my clients use it. Get better results wearing the suit !

  9. MattSM

    I received my Mass Suit only 10 days after ordering it from America and I live in the south of Ireland so that’s a lightnening quick service. The Suit itself is without a doubt absolutely brilliant I’ve been trying to find a fault and I have been unsuccessful in doing so, I would reccomend this to all and anyone of all levels who are looking too take there training to the next level, I’ve only been using it for a little under 2 weeks now and I can already feel in myself that I’m more balanced, quicker, faster and stronger in my movements and exercises.

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