MASS Suit Speed Series

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High performance training Suit that will enhance your speed, strength, power and endurance. The Greatest resistance training Suit on the market.

Free Agility and Quickness Book

100% Guaranteed Results. Hassle free returns.


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The Ultimate in Speed Training Kits


Best Value with Bonus Equipment, Drills & Training!


The Enhancements You Need

Developing Agility and Quickness Book combined with the MASS Suit is the ultimate in speed, agility, and performance enhancements. You cannot find this anywhere

FREE Hard Copy Book! (value $21.95)


From the NSCA, National Strength and Conditioning Association comes this resource packed with more than 100 drills to help in the development of agility and quickness training programs. Applicable to almost every sport, Developing Agility and Quickness focuses on improving athletes’ fleetness of foot, change-of-direction speed, and reaction time.

MASS Suit Speed Series is the Ultimate in Accelerated speed & footwork training for all athletes. Apply the Suit to our ladder and cone drills routine and you will see enhanced results in speed, strength, lateral movement, balance and explosion. MASS Suit can be taken anywhere for a fast effective workout. Increase your workout efficiency up to 73%. Use MASS Suit for sport specific training You will see improved performance in the first month guaranteed. Increase or decrease resistance by easily adding or removing clips and bands on your own. No platforms, No walls, No heavy vest, fully mobile and ready to accelerate your sports performance. MASS Suit creates total body resistance training for every sport and fitness routine to give you the most out of your workout. We are resistance training on steroids. Are you ready to improve faster than everyone else?

MASS Suit Harness is a one size fits all. Ages starting from 9 years of age on up. 

Top Athlete & Fitness Professional Testimonials: Testimonials

Mass Suit Apparatus includes:

  • 2 Knee Straps
  • 2 Over The Shoe Straps
  • 2 Hand Grips
  • 2 Wrist Straps

Additional items:

  • 1 Mass Suit Sports Bag
  • 4 Gold Arm Bands (Heavy Strength)
  • 2 Silver Knee Bands (Medium Strength)
  • 4 (2 Silver, 2 Gold) Leg Bands (Medium & Heavy Strength)

Speed Items Included: (Bonus Speed Features)

  • Juke Speed Chute
  • Ladders and Ladder drills (21 Drills, FREE) 16 Feet
  • 7 Cone Set and Cone drills (21 Drills, FREE) 4 inches tall





FREE Speed & Agility Training Guides 


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The Ultimate Sprint Training and Power Punching Hand Held Weighted Product

3.0 Pound Egg Weights. Each Egg Weight is 1.5lbs

Egg Weights are the perfect hand held weights for training. They do not restrict natural motion and body flow during exercise or sports training. Ideal for sprint workouts and striking training. Add on to order up top

9 reviews for MASS Suit Speed Series

  1. mperlmutter

    Incredible product! The MASS Suit goes really well with the speed ladder and cones. One of the most valuable parts of the series is the guide that came with this series that showed me how to get the most value out of these exercises. I saw a big difference in performance after I applied the MASS Suit with these techniques.

  2. Tony Villalobos

    The MASS Suit rocks! As a Martial Artist, Veteran, Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast…I have seen my personal gains and my clients fitness gains level up since using the MASS Suit. Also, having the guide to help out was very valuable to assist me with different applications on the use of the MASS Suit. If you want to see your performance level go up…get up and get a MASS Suit ASAP! I highly recommend this product.

  3. Cari

    I absolutely love this suit! It has helped me so much in every aspect! Speed, agility and focus. The suit combined with the book showing so many drill options has been the most beneficial workout regiment I have ever done. I am so grateful my friend told me about this. I’ve been taking my bag to the park lately for a change of scenery. Setting up my obstacle course with the ladder and cones. It is so easy to take anywhere. It’s really challenging but somehow fun at the same time! I

  4. Jensen

    The MASS Suit is amazing. Having the book to guide you through all the options, allows you to get the most out of the suit. The book shows you so many ways, to use the suit to increase your fitness. The suit is a very helpful tool, I have seen great results since I started using it. I would very highly recommend the MASS Suit with the book, to all of my family and friends.

  5. Luke Boud Leet

    My training is next level. This suit has really helped me step up my training. I am finally getting the results that I need to get to the next level. I am a football player and my speed and strength has increased significantly!

  6. Gus

    Loved the new suit. Really helped me take my workout to the next level. The quickness book is awesome. Can’t say enough good things about the product. And these days customer service that gives you a live person that actually cares is unheard of.

  7. Josh

    The book was so helpful. I had never used the exercises before. I am already seeing an improvement in my speed and agility. The suit with the book is an awesome combination.

  8. Matt

    This product is a great training tool for the athletes I work with. Nothing has helped more for explosion and change of direction than the mass suit. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to have gains in speed, quickness and explosiveness. Plus, the book that comes along with the suit has some really valuable ideas to keep your workouts unique! Great product!

  9. Erik

    Loving my new MASS Suit. Seeing improvements in my strength and conditioning keeps me utilizing the suit. The speed and agility book has been a great addition. Extremely satisfied with the product and results.

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