MASS Suit Strength Series


High performance training Suit that will enhance your strength, power and muscle endurance. The Greatest resistance training Suit on the market.

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The Ultimate In Strength Training Kits


Best Value with Bonus Equipment, Drills & Training!


Strength Enhancements You Need

MASS Suit Strength Series is one of the most dynamic Strength Packages on the market. Use the MASS Suit with any other training tools for a more intense and efficient workout. MASS Suit applied to the Exercise Ball Series will improve full body strength and a fast High Intensity Workout Program. Target your Shoulders, Chest, Back, Core, Glutes and legs with the MASS Suit Strength Series. 

MASS Suit Harness is a one size fits all. Ages starting from 9 years of age on up. 

MASS Suit Strength Series comes with...

  • MASS Suit
  • Fit On The Go Strength Program
  • 15LB Medicine Ball
  • 12LB Wall Ball
  • 10LB Slam Ball


Top Athlete & Fitness Professional Testimonials: Testimonials

Mass Suit Apparatus includes:

  • 2 Knee Straps
  • 2 Over The Shoe Straps
  • 2 Hand Grips
  • 2 Wrist Straps
  • 1 Mass Suit Sports Bag
  • 4 Gold Arm Bands (Heavy Strength)
  • 2 Silver Knee Bands (Medium Strength)
  • 4 (2 Silver, 2 Gold) Leg Bands (Medium & Heavy Strength)

Strength Items Included: Full Body Multi-functional Workout Products

  • Fit On The Go Strength Program (30-60 Day Full Body Workout Program)
  • 15LB Medicine Ball (Great For Throwing and chasing, Core exercises,
  • 12LB Wall Ball (Great for Core workouts, Squats with Press, Wall Bounces & Tossing)
  • 10LB Slam Ball (Perfect for Hardcore Slamming)




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