Freedom is what our nation was founded on and Freedom to fitness is how resistance bands have become so popular. You know longer have to be confined to a gym or a room that has a TV monitor. You can get one of the best workouts you have ever experienced anywhere you want. All you need are some resistance bands or apparatuses that simulate them such as MASS Suit and off you go!

There are hundreds of resistance training exercises that you can perform. You can perform these exercises in your room, hotel, gym, beach, backyard, or in the mountains. You choose the location and you will get toned. There are many different exercises that you can do, here are some of our favorites; Squat with a press, ice skaters, Burpees, flurry punches, punch front kick combo, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, In n’ Out Squats, Donkey Kicks and Ab kick outs. These exercises will get you toned, increased heart rate, burn hundreds of calories, strengthen your entire body and improve bone density.
With resistance tools out there like the MASS Suit there are more options for greater improvements because of proper posture and alignment that enables you to get the most out of your exercise routine. The resistance weight is equally distributed throughout your body allowing safe controlled movement This will help muscle growth without imbalances. Resistance training you will be able to shred that unwanted fat anywhere in the world because it is very portable. You will be able to perform low and high intensity training. You can go at any speed you want without any jerkiness to cause injury. 

Go outside to the park and get some vitamin D from the sun as you perform your routines. Do each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15-20 second rest in between. Perform at least 2-3 sets of a 8-10 exercise workout and remember to hydrate! You will feel the effects throughout your entire body unlike any other exercise routine out there. Perform a jumping jack routine for 1 minute. Then perform the same routine with a resistance band training tools on and see how much more effective it is. You can do that workout anywhere! I bet you will burn a lot more calories too. Strength training can also be done in water. Not with weights but with bands or band  training tools. It is endless where and how you can get fit with resistance bands.

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