MASS SUIT Enhanced Strength & Speed Training for Softball

The concept behind the MASS suit from Juke Performance Inc. is resistance training. The suit helps athletes, e.g., softball players build explosive movements, muscle endurance, cardio, and muscle reflex. This is achieved through every day softball exercises and weight training, which relies on the application of multiple resistance bands that are attached to each MASS suit. When worn, the suit will increase resistance to your hamstrings, shoulders, quads, arms, hip flex, core, and the back. Resistance is increased after attaching MASS resistance bands, straps, sleeves, and rubber cords to your feet, elbows, knees, and hands. In order to force the body to work against its natural movements, the resistance bands have to be placed in crisscrossed angles. The general idea behind enhancing resistance in muscles that strengthen and control the core is to develop an intensive workout program that will improve your cardio stamina, speed, muscle stamina, balance, power, strength, and assist in stimulating fast twitching muscles. An increase in resistance is also vital to maximizing calorie burn. It can, therefore, be employed to assist softball players in losing weight and tone up really fast.

Components of the MASS Suit

This suit comes in seven separate pieces: • Vest (made from a top of the line composite comprising of foam padding, mesh, cotton, nylon, and polyester. • 2 knee attachments • 2 hand grips 2 Foot Straps Limb attachments are using superior nylon and neoprene straps.

Increase your Power, Explosion Speed for Softball

Benefits That Softball Athletes Can Enjoy When Using The MASS Suit

Softball players using the MASS suit can expect to enjoy benefits such as: • It will help you increase your cardiovascular resistance • Full body resistance band training. With this suit, you can rest assured that you will be able to improve your workout routines allowing you to become faster and more explosive. Additionally, you get to lose weight, enhance your endurance, speed, power, explosion, agility, and strength. • If you are struggling with weight issues, the increased resistance as you train helps you burn more calories. • You will be able to intensify your training by close to fifty percent • Get rehabilitated faster. As you take part in softball training, and competitions, you are bound to sustain some injuries. In addition to enhancing your performance in the field, this suit can also assist in rehabilitating your injuries. Rehabilitation is carried out via constant resistance controlled using band thickness. When you adjust your resistance bands to a much lower setting, you get to work against this resistance, and this assists in recruiting muscle fibers which are crucial in repairing nagging injuries. • It helps in strengthening your core. Addition of resistance to all core muscles leads to the strengthening of these muscles. As a result, you will end up increasing your strength, getting a better posture, and reducing your risk of sustaining lower back injuries when training.Why Should You Purchase A MASS Suit for Your Softball Training Sessions? The uses and possibilities of the MASS suit are endless. This is a suit that you can use even when performing regular household chores, and not just when training. Some of its standout features include: • It is very durable as it has been constructed using the best web cloth and neoprene available. • You can easily adjust its size. The straps that you wear on your shoulders can be adjusted to ensure they fit comfortably. • It is a functional suit. You can use it to cater for all your different needs. If you are involved in different sports, you can use a single suit, instead of having to purchase a suit for each field. Whichever way you choose to use the suit; you are bound to feel its effects on your body.