Speed Training Exercises for Baseball

In a baseball game, strong emphasis is placed on speed, agility, and the ability of a player to respond swiftly to ball movements. Actually, these skills do determine whether a team will dominate the diamond field or not. Speed training exercises for baseball are meant to make your legs and muscle strength efficient, thus increase your velocity and acceleration during play. With this in mind, when you increase a resistance during the drills, you enhance your body core strength that in turn enables you to have unbelievable acceleration in the field.

As such, this post discusses how you can enhance your speed exercises using the mass suit which adds resistance. Built by unrivalled fitness experts, the suit ensures to intensify your regular training thus improve speed gain and make your ability to accelerate in the playfield efficient.

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Workouts to Increase Explosive Speed.

1. Sprint Drill.

To start our list is the basic sprint drill which is among the best speed workouts a baseball player can try out. The training is meant to promote speed on the field as well as the paths on the baseball game. Place two cones at least ten to twenty meters apart in your training field. While timing yourself or with the help of your coach, sprint very fast from one cone to the next and back. To enhance the exercise and to boost your swiftness to chase a ball in the field, you can also try jogging backwards or laterally.

Enhancing the drill: As earlier mentioned, for remarkable improvement in your speed, you’ll need to improve your core strength in your workouts. By adding a resistance in the drill with the mass suit, you intensify the exercise and boost your leg muscle strength which consequently improves your speed.

2. Squat Jumps.

Similarly, the squat jump is another incredible speed and muscle building exercise that’s even recommended by a majority of trainers. You lower your body into a squat with your feet apart at a shoulders width. Then as if sitting on a chair with your butt out, drop down to your knee level slowly and then push up through your heels and jump straight up. Once you’ve landed on the ground, drop again into the squatting position and repeat the drill. Do at least three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions.

Enhancing the drill: This is an excellent exercise that gives strength to the legs and also enhances acceleration in the field of play. Adding a resistance will make the training even more effective and give you maximum leg power during a game.

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3. Mountain climbers.

Every baseball player understands how vital it is to be able to make quick and explosive sprints. As such, the mountain climbers are an outstanding form of exercise that helps to annihilate calories and allow overall toning of the body. Drop to a push-up position using your hands and toes, bring one knee towards your chest and once there, tap the ground and simultaneously make a little jump off the ground with your other foot to allow the leg at the chest to move back in the push-up position. Let your other foot now move towards your thorax and once there, make your little ground tap again, and make the jump again. Continue alternating the feet and make at least three sets of ten to fifteen jumps.

Enhancing the drill:This is an excellent training that helps to give endurance. Wearing the mass suit during the exercise boosts upper torso strength and improves your ability to make transitions during a game.

4. Stiff Torso Exercise.

Also known as the anti-rotational power exercise, this drill helps to maintain a rigid torso. We all know how crucial it is to have a stiff upper body as it significantly improves the ability to make powerful sprints. In this exercise, set yourself in a plank position with your body’s weight resting on the elbows and feet straight on toes. Lift one foot off the ground backwards from your hip. Do not let your other foot knee bend and touch the ground but instead, keep it straight. Drop the foot back slowly and lift your other leg now to a six-inch height and drop again. Do three sets of around ten to fifteen lifts.

Enhancing the drill: This exercise builds the core strength of the upper torso which in turn allows you to have extra speed in play. Adding a resistance during the exercise gives your body a challenge and speeds up the bulking of your muscles.


Whether you are a hitter looking for a powerful bat swing or a pitcher who’s desperately seeking to increase their sprinting speed, the right speed training exercises for baseball will guarantee your success. When you add resistance to the exercise using the mass suit, you boost your speed and strength more than you can imagine!