Speed Training Exercises for Basketball

Correct sport specific training is vital for basketball specific playing. Engaging in High Intensity training activities that work on forward and backward speed, side to side agility, vertical jump and hand eye coordination for improved ball skills will take your basketball game to the next level. Basketball players goals are to be at 100% for the whole game in speed, endurance and explosion. Having the correct training will decrease fatigue and tiredness which will prevent injuries on the court.

By using the MASS Suit in your basketball training you will enhance your court speed, strength, power and endurance. You will be playing at higher levels for a longer period of time during the game. You will see your vertical jump increase by using the MASS Suit with your explosion and plyometric drills. The MASS Suit will create a whole new dynamic to your training by engaging all muscle groups eliminating muscle imbalances which will decrease the chances of injury. You will see enhanced results within two weeks of MASS Suit training.


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If this is done properly, apart from just reducing injuries, the exercises:

1. Makes muscles stronger

Exercises allow the body to do tasks that they otherwise might just not be able to do. For example, running for very long distances.

2. Better range of motion

Once the muscles are strong, then the range of motions at the joints increases e.g.while throwing a javelin.

3. Flexibility

The flexibility not only makes you feel agile as an athlete but it also helps prevent muscle related injuries.

3. Muscle coordination

Exercise helps develop muscle coordination which also increases your agility as an athlete.

4. Balance

Exercise improves your balance by increasing the strength of the tissues surrounding the joints throughout the body, which helps prevent falling down during the sport event.

Increase your Power, Explosion and Speed for Basketball.

Watch how Mass can be used for basketball training to improve your vertical jump, endurance, explosion, power, speed and agility. There’s no other product out there that is fully mobile and that will work you as hard as the MASS Suit does.

There are a number of theories that dictate when exactly in the day it is best to exercise. Whether one choses to exercise early in the morning, late in the evening, daily, weekly, monthly, it all boils down to how available time is to you. The lesser time one has, the better. But the challenge that presents itself is that working out for over a shorter period means less exercises and slow results to the body. On the other hand, working out for a longer period means, setting aside more time to do more exercise which comes with better results.

So then how can one can be able to work out for a shorter period but still do more exercise equal to the exercise one would do if they had a longer period?

Mass suit is the solution.

Mass suit is a technology that provides resistance training to the entire body. This means you work out twice as much as you would have without resistance. It intensifies the work out which then increases the red blood cells levels which will increase your endurance and the speed of your muscles. It also increases your breathing which will create more oxygen intake. This will help to multiply red blood cells which consequentially will increase stamina and power.

The suit is also very much adjustable. This allows one to increase or decrease the resistance depending on their preference.

The suit is also portable and very much mobile meaning you do not have to stick on one specific area as you work out while using it.You can carry it to anywhere be it to the gym, the field or atthe comfort of your very own home!

The fact that you can just strap it on also increases the range of work out exercises that one can do while wearing the suit. E.g. you can do boxing, kickboxing, rock climbing, golf, basketball, weightlifting and even swim with it! Just name it.

The Mass Suit is made of neoprene and web cloth which does not absorb sweat and also allowsease for breathing to make sure your body has proper oxygen intake for the intensive training.

The Mass Suit has a harness, straps for the elbows, for the knees, for the feet, and finally two handles. All these are connected to the harness by clip-ons. The elbow straps are supposed to increase resistance to forward and upward arm movements. The knee straps are to increase resistance at the core and hip flexors (muscles active while sprinting and running). The feet straps target the gluts increasing resistance whenjumping and squatting. The two handle increase resistance to the upper body resistance.

Any exercise can be performed with or without the Mass Suit but if you want more intensity on your work out for your day today exercises, the Mass Suit is the best gadget to employ to get twice as much results on work outs especially if one is an athlete. Furthermore, the suit will increase speed, strength and endurance. Try it.