Speed Training Exercises for MMA Fighting

Regardless of how long you’ve been an MMA fighter, you are probably aware of the fact that speed, agility, and tactility, are a few of the different attributes you need to exceed in the sport. With this in mind, engaging in the right exercises to help build up your speed, give you that much needed boost when you are in a compromising situation, and the agility required to get out of a difficult situation, is the best way to improve performance as an MMA fighter. These are a few exercises to perform in order to help build up speed, and improve your overall capabilities when fighting.

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1. Locomotion drills

When you improve your ability to move in all directions, this is going to improve your performance as a fighter. Locomotion drills should include a series of crawling, walk/run, side shuffling, butt kickers, knee-highs, and skips. Performing these exercises as quickly as possible, and making sure you exaggerate the motions (i.e. for knee-high or butt kicks, make sure you really try to reach the pinnacle height at a fast speed when performing the motion), you are sure to see an improvement in your speed as well.

These exercise drills are going to help you not only increase speed, but also flexibility as well, since you are focusing on moving at a quick pace, but also fully extending the muscles in doing so. When doing these exercises, consider a series of circuit-training, or HIIT training, where you go for short bursts, but focus on moving as quickly as possible for those bursts of activity.

2. Ladder drills

Using the soft ladder (rope) on the floor, this is another excellent drill for building up speed over time. Ladder drills can range in style, form, and speed. It is a good idea to begin slowly and try to increase speed over time, so as to avoid getting tangled up in the ropes. These drills can be done as inside out jumps, knee-high running (in between each rung), criss-cross drills (going from inside out on each ladder), and straight running (simply jumping through each rung along the ladder).

Over time you are going to build up resistance, muscle development will occur in the glutes and hamstring, and this is effectively going to work to help increase your speed and agility over time.

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3. Jump rope drills

Speed jumping is one of the best exercises you can do as an MMA fighter. Not only to improve your speed, but also to help with coordination, agility, and overall range of motion. Perform speed drills in short-intervals for best results. You can do two-legged jumping drills, single-leg jumps, double-jumps, side-to-side jumps, high knees, or double unders. Performing a series of jumping drills and focusing on moving as quickly as possible, and performing as many jumps as possible without messing up, will truly help improve your speed during a fight.

4. Plyo drills

Plyometric drills are great to “shock the muscles.” Basically you are going to perform a series of extremely exaggerated movements. Box jumps are a great example. Burpees are also a great exercise to include. These focus on forcing your muscles to use as much force as possible, and do so quickly, in order to ensure development and muscle growth. Plyometrics relies on “reactive power,” meaning you have to react quickly, in order to properly perform the exercise. This is naturally going to help you increase speed, and agility, when performing these exercises on an ongoing basis as an MMA fighter in training.

5. Increase weight with our full body suit

If you want to add some weight to your body to perform these drills, we offer a full body suit you can wear when performing the exercises. This is a good way for you to build muscle and develop muscle growth. Interchange using the suit, and removing it for each series of exercises. Over time you will notice that the exercises are going to get easier and you will move faster (without the suit), and once you put the suit back on, it will allow you to focus on speed training and muscle development.

As an MMA fighter, consistency is key in your training. When it comes to speed training, and improving agility, these are a series of exercises to include in your workout regime, to see that improved speed, and over time, improved level of efficiency in your sport as well.