Speed Training Exercises for Soccer

Soccer is truly an anaerobic sport. With series of extremely quick pace and sprinting on the field, followed by down plays, limited motion, and dodging or sprinting past other players, you are constantly in a limbo when playing this game. But, not having the required speed to sprint with the fastest players on the field is truly going to limit your ability to do well and help your team. For this reason, speed training drills have to be performed during the off-season. For players who truly want to enhance their game, these are a few drills to add to your repertoire when training for the season.

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1. Zig-zag sprints

As the name implies, you are going to run in a zig-zag motion with this drill, rather than straight up and down sprints. Since soccer requires you to move quickly, move from side to side, and dodge others on the field, you need to build up your speed to perform these motions on the field.

In this drill you should set up a series of cones on opposing sides of one another. Set them up in a cross pattern, and try to set each cone at least 5 to 10 yards apart. Players should run from side to side, touching each cone as they progress through the drill, as quickly as possible. Players should accelerate through the starting marker/cone, and sprint as quickly as possible through the series which follows ahead. Focus on side stepping rather than taking wide and sweeping steps. This will help you properly balance your weight, shift it as required, and move quickly when you have to perform similar motions on the field of play.

2. Knee High Run

By improving running tempo and knee lift players will develop muscle strength in the quads, which is one of the most important muscles in the sport. An agility ladder can be used for this drill. Players should stand about 15 yards from the ladder and jog towards it. Once they reach the ladder, they should focus on sprinting as quickly as possible through each rung, while lifting their knee up to the chest. A fast foot rate, as opposed to an all out sprint is the main focal point of this drill. Players develop muscle strength and proper running form, which will eventually translate to faster bursts of speed when needed on the soccer field.

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3. Broken sprints

If you are at all familiar with “suicide” drills which are used for basketball training, this is a variation for the soccer field. It addresses a player’s ability to change direction quickly as well as move as fast as possible when running (both of which you do regularly on a soccer field). Place a set of 5 cones on the ground, 5 yards apart from one another. When you start players should sprint to the first cone and sprint back to the initial starting point. This is followed by going to the second cone and back (until the 5th cone is reached). This drill covers a 100 yard span and concludes at the end of reaching the initial starting point of the drill.

4. Juke Performance Suit

With our full body suit, you can further increase speed and strength when engaging in these speed training drills. Wearing the suit every other day, and then performing the exercises without it (on off days) is surely going to produce the best results for players training to improve their speed bursts. The full body suit will add on natural weight to your body, which allows you to develop muscle strength when training. On the days you don’t wear it, you are going to notice how that natural increase in muscle is going to help you run faster, dodge other players, and further improve your ability to play on the field with the best players.

When using the body suit, it is best to perform these exercises interchangeably, and do the exercises with and without the suit. This will drive max results, increase speed and muscle development, and over time, will truly improve the player’s desired skill sets in the game they love.

Of course the more you do, and the more you practice each drill, the better. But, focusing on continuation, repetition, and proper form, are all necessary in developing speed for the soccer field. Working with and without the suit will also help in speed development as well as muscle-shock, developing stronger legs over time.