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Speed Training for Swimmers is a fundamental requirement for anyone diving into the swimming competition. While there are many speed training exercises for swimmers, the MASS SUIT adds resistance to the equation and aids in building up a swimmers strength and muscular endurance simultaneously. Based on currents reviews, the mass suit has proven to improve the workout efficiency for most athletes by 73%, and you do not want to be left behind.

Try these speed drills for swimmers

1. Sprint Training

For sprint training, you need to focus on short but intense sets between 50 and 100 meters during the training. Getting a powerful start is the most important thing that determines the winner of the race. For instance, a good start accounts for about 25-30 percent in a freestyle race. Therefore you need frequent exercises to ensure you experience the best push off.

Always begin with one leg at the front and the most powerful one behind to drive off with a powerful push. Under this category, you need to watch your reaction time and flight. If you push off the block well, you will generate more power that will ultimately improve your speed in the underwater phase. This exercise trains your body to build up maximum speed and power at the start.

Sprint training challenges swimmers out of their comfort. You can add a little resistance to scale up yourself further. Wearing a Mass Suit as you push off and throughout the underwater phase gives a swimmer’s muscles an extra stretch that maximizes your speed.

2. Perfect your Strokes and Diving

It is obvious that you need explosive power during the dive until you cross the finish line. Previously, most swimmers have opted for weight lifting at the gym, but that has become more costly and consumes a lot of time. Remember, the competition is a few months away, and you must utilize your limited time well to avoid being caught up in the moment.

I would recommend endurance exercises that give you a better muscular endurance as you perfect your strokes at the same time. Ideally, if you are determined to elevate your.

3. Practice Dolphin Kicks

The dolphin kick sounds more obvious to swimmers, but its technique makes the difference in time during a fast freestyle. Never underestimate the power of a dolphin kick as it accounts significantly for your swimming speed. Frequent kicking sets help you to develop a strong kick and ultimately your speed through strengthened muscles. Most of the kick strengthening exercises will be conducted in the swimming pool. A MASS Suit adds resistance to your sessions and helps to strengthen your hip flexors and quadriceps.


There is no doubt that most people know how to swim, but only a few have mastered the technique. The MASS Suit is definitely a fun product to use for your swimming training sessions. It is designed with comfortable straps and texture that allows extensive adjustability to fit on all types of bodies. The additional resistance it offers also helps to burn excess calories ensuring that your body remains fit. Poor Speed Training for Swimmers during sessions may result in muscle spasm and pain. The MASS Suit protects you from this type of pain as it adds resistance in a more natural way. With the right gear and technique, you will be able to improve your swimming speed significantly.