Enhanced Tennis Training Full Body Resistance Suit

The MASS Suit is a full-body resistance suit. It is a one-size-fits-all suit with resistance bands to improve the power and strength of full-body muscles. Both the straps and bands are easily adjustable to fit one’s size. The working principle of the Suit is that the trainee has to work against the force of the resistance bands, thus applying more power during a workout. The extra power thereby substantially increases the workout intensity and hence effectiveness.

1. Medicine Ball Drill

This drill has been designed to vastly improve the explosiveness’ of a player’s throwing and overhead shots. a. To execute this drill in a standing position, stand upright facing a wall with hip-width distance between your feet. Keeping the same upright and steady position of your torso, head, and chin, slowly bend your knees b. Next hold the ball and bring it over your head. With bent elbows, hit the ball on the wall with as great a speed as you can muster. Catch the ball as it bounces off the wall and do this successively. c. To further improve your throwing power, increase the effectiveness of this exercise by performing this exercise with the MASS Suit on. d. As you exert more pressure to overcome the power of the bands while hitting the ball on the wall. Feel your arm muscles strengthen as you raise the ball and hit it hard on the wall. The extra power that you are compelled to apply, owing to the bands, substantially increases the intensity of the exercise.

This drill can be executed in two more positions:

Instead of bending both knees, bend one knee and place one leg in front of the other. Hold the medicine ball with your hands and hit the wall at an extremely fast pace. As you bend one knee and push one leg in front of the other, feel your leg muscles strengthen. Similarly, feel the full force of the resistance bands on your arms as you hit the ball hard and with great speed. The third method is to kneel down and repeat the same exercise with your hands. Likewise, feel the pressure in your arms as the muscles strengthen

2. Squat Throws

a. Stand with some distance between your feet. The distance should be slightly more than hip-width. b. Next hold the medicine ball with both your hands and brace yourself for a quick squat and jump movement. c. Lower yourself to a squat position and then immediately explode yourself up and jump, trying to aim as high as you can. At the peak of your jump, your arms should also reach higher, fully extending themselves over your head. Be sure to shoulder press the ball as you are performing the jump. d. Catch the ball as it bounces and repeat the exercise a few times. e. Now wearing the MASS Suit, perform the same exercise. Feel the tension in your legs as you squat. Furthermore, as you jump and extend your arms fully up, sense the tension in your legs, upper body, and arms. Feel the strength that you are gaining in each of these muscle groups, with each repetition.

3. Plyometric Push-ups

a. Take the push up position by lowering your body horizontally, face down and placing your hands firmly on the ground. b. As you perform your first push up and come up, explode yourself further up so that your hands leave the ground and they are not supported. c. Quickly fall back by placing your hands firmly on the ground again and repeat. d. For added emphasis, now perform with the MASS Suit on and feel your arm muscles respond to the resistance offered by the arm bands by exerting more force. Feel the arm muscles strengthen with each repetition. The above mentioned exercises are designed to improve the strength, agility, and power required for the explosive stroke. For added and quicker benefits, perform the above exercises with the MASS Suit on and feel the difference in the workout intensity. It is best to perform repetitions of the given exercises, with precision and by maintaining the right posture throughout. Go on, train for that explosive stroke!