Why Foam Rollers Are Essential To Healthy Muscles for Athletes

The benefits a foam roller has to athletes and fitness enthusiasts cannot be overemphasized. Foam rollers help to increase the intensity of a workout while reducing the risk of injury. Just like the traditional stretching, it is a great tool for lengthening and elongating muscles. Most runners suffer from tight and fatigued muscles. The foam roller is key to ensuring a well-rounded recovery routine.
One of the most important reasons an athlete should use the foam roller is because of its ability to perform myofascial release around muscles. The foam roller focuses on the fascia tissue that surrounds your muscles and other parts of the body to allow movement. These tissues are known to interweb especially after a long distance run. The foam roller targets trigger points, which are the areas of muscle that have developed into knots overtime, to release the pain and tightness. Stretching only focuses on the healthy muscles. Trigger points respond better to direct pressure. A foam roller helps by applying direct pressure to the affected tissue.


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Which are the most common parts for runners to foam?

• Quadriceps

• Calves

• Hamstrings

• Iliotibial band

• Gluteal muscles, Piriformis

The benefits of using foam roller to athletes

1. Helps to speed up recovery by reducing pain and soreness

The foam roller helps to draw blood to the affected area. It also decreases recovery time between workouts. When you perform foam rolling post workout, the pressure exerted on the affected area washes off the lactic acid causing pain, to allow fresh blood and nutrients to the worn out muscles. This helps in the quick rebuilding and recovery of muscles.

2. Improves performance Capability of flexible tissue

The foam roller helps to enhance the ability of your soft tissues. A flexible muscle is more powerful within its range of motion. Just like an elastic band, the more you stretch your muscle, the more force it is able to generate due to the stored energy it holds during the stretch. If you combine foam rollers with your regular workout routine, which includes proper stretching, strengthening and training, you will be able to reach new heights of performance levels that you had never achieved before. Many professional athletes and collegiate across all sports have adopted the foam roller into their regular workouts due to its perceived performance benefits.

3. Post injury tissue mobility

Sore knees, tight hamstrings, and achy Achilles tendons are some of the nagging injuries most athletes learn to live with. Although these do not prevent the athletes from performing their usual activities, the scarred tissues inhibit muscle mobility and function. These issues are bound to affect you down the line in your training. Tissue mobility is of great importance after an injury. A scar tissue that is not broken down, mobilized and properly aligned will cause you pain in the future regardless of how long ago you had the injury. The foam roller is a good workout device for athletes to help mobilize and align tissues properly enabling it to keep the muscles and fascia healthy and mobile.

4. Daily health of Fascia

Fascia keeps growing in our body. However, it may not be laid down properly due to lack of proper movement, and the stresses you put on your body such as running. This may restrict these fibers from forming in the correct pattern, causing you pain as well as inhibited movement. Using a foam roller regularly will ensure that the trigger points and scar tissues are broken up within the muscle and fascia. By so doing, the fascia will be laid down properly, and you will regain normal function and motion.

5. Increases range of motion

Foam rolling helps to properly stretch and lubricate your muscles thereby increasing your range of motion.

6. Contributes to prevent injury by decreasing the muscle tension caused by trigger points

As seen above, the foam roller helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body. This leads to a better range of motion and more efficient body movement ultimately. This reduces the chance of injury since the body is well coordinated.

The foam roller is a great and affordable way to easily improve your overall performance and health as a runner. This equipment will help you relieve pain as well as prevent injuries. Adding a foam roller to your fitness arsenal is a great way to reward your body.


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