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Metabolism refers to the collective reactions going about in the body to sustain life and to make the body supportable enough to continue the daily processes. Without the metabolic activities, an organism can not sustain life.
Metabolism occurs in the body for three main purposes each of which are highly important.
1- Building of proteins, certain carbohydrates and nucleic acids through the conversion of food into the building blocks of these compounds.
2- The bonds present in the food molecules have stored energy released when the food is chewed. This energy through metabolic processes are converted to the energy required to run the daily processes.
3- Metabolism is the process used for excreting out the nitrogenous wastes present in the body.

Slow metabolism is linked with slowing down of the weight loss process or obesity. Fitness experts always suggest drinking adequate amount of water during the weight loss journey to increase the metabolic rate because they consider the sluggish metabolism to be the reason why they are losing weight slow or not losing weight at all.
A slow metabolism means the body is not burning calories and utilizing it to make energy. However, one might simply be confused of why the metabolism is drowsy and sluggish and the reasons of it showing this behaviour. Below are some of the things that slow down the metabolic rate and must be prevented by people who want a boost in their metabolism.

1- Hormonal imbalance.
Unfortunately, this can be serious. Testosterone which is a sex hormone in males and females tends to cause regulations in the muscle mass. This regulation is highly significant as the amount of muscle that one has in their body determines the amount of calories that an individual burns. Estrogen also plays a role in female body. However, when there is the hormonal imbalance, a slowed down metabolism is the result. Hormonal imbalance can occur due to age as well but age is not the only reason. If you are suffering through this problem then don’t worry. It is curable and treatable. Just consult your doctor and he will suggest to you the appropriate solution.

2- Taking stress and being a victim of insomnia:
You can in many cases, treat this one by your own.
The rising level of cortisol tends to cause over-eating and well, stress does cause an increase in the percentage of cortisol in the body. The increased cortisol inturn causes harm to the metabolism. Stress can be relieved by different exercises which will make you feel good and bring  a positive effect to your mind.

Insomnia is a dangerous condition having numerous adverse effects on your body. Again, insomnia can cause irregularities in secretions of hormones such as insulin. Insomnia affects the carbohydrate metabolism thus resulting in making the metabolic rate lesser and inturn, causing weight gain or poor weight loss.

3- Not drinking enough water – dehydration:
Well, so you have been suggested by your fitness expert of physical trainer to drink adequate water during your weight-loss journey or probably to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can literally feel your body being drowsy and lazy when you do not drink enough water and that is basically due to metabolic rate reasons.

4- Certain medicines:
One of the major problem that many people are facing is over-taking medicines. Some medicines such as the ones suggested for diabetes, hormone therapies and anti-thyroid etc. tend to cause weight gain which is a prominent sign that your body has a slow metabolic rate. Be sure to consult your doctor if you see any of such effects on your body by the intake of any of these medicines.

5- Being physically inactive.
This is a reason that not many people consider. One might think that not exercising is okay as long as they are not over-eating which is a misconception. Obviously, when you exercise, your heart beats faster pumping more blood which engage the muscles in the activity causing burning of calories greater and greater. Be sure to go for a regular exercise even if a moderate one to adjust the rate of your metabolism.

Below is the basic outlook of the calculator.

The calculator works with the purpose of providing you the intitiation step where it calculates the amount of calories an individual can burn and the amount of calories needed by one to hit the target weight in the given amount of time on daily basis. The calculator also provides you with the information about the amount of weight one can reduce by the intake of the specific amount of calories. This is thus, the starting point where the information about how much calories you need on every day basis is clearly specific.

The calculator is very easy to use and can be found at the thecalculator has some boxes present on the left side as can be seen in the interface. These boxes require all the information such as, your gender, your age, the amount of days that you have to hit your target, and your activity level. It can calculate all the basic entities present on the right corner of the interface. These include your daily calorie intake (How much it must be) along with the amount of weight you can lose each day through the consumption of these calories. The calculator can calculate your desired value with in just seconds.

Author, Anna Steve

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