The exercise bike is a unique sports tool with which each person can lose weight, improve their health and gain an athletic physique. On the market there are a huge number of varieties of this simulator. Making a mistake when buying for yourself or the gym is pretty easy. In order to determine which exercise bike for the house is better to choose in accordance with the price, convenience and quality, we have compiled this list of criteria. For information you can check at 

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How to choose an exercise bike: basic characteristics

What should you pay special attention when choosing an exercise bike? Decide on what you need an exercise bike for? There are professional models that can withstand huge loads, for a long time, with dozens of built-in functions, USB connectivity , dock. iPod / iPhone stations , audio in / out . Such exercise bikes for the hall are often used in sports clubs.

More simple counterparts are home exercise bikes , which have a minimal amount of functions built in, a simple mechanical load control system ( belt and shoe ) and so on. This kind of simulator is very popular among novice athletes and those who try to keep themselves in good physical shape.

How to choose a bike?

As soon as you decide on the question – which exercise bike to choose, the following nuances arise that require a weighted decision:

Pay attention to the seat mounting system and the adjustment system: the more plastic parts you see, the less exercise bike you will have. This is dictated by the fact that the plastic is not able to withstand high loads for a long time and, as a result, will burst. Plastic pens and decorative items do not count;

Pick a seat for your height. They are hard and soft, wide and narrow, with backs and without them. Exercise bikes are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal.

Selecting an exercise bike for technical data

Vertical equipment : the seat is located above the pedals, to simulate an ordinary bike. They take up less space, are smaller, lighter and cheaper.

Horizontal simulators : designed for athletes who are not involved in cycling, and using the exercise bike as an alternative to the press with their feet. They give a powerful load on the hips due to the fact that the pedals are located at the same height as the seat. It is this design that takes the load off the back. Trainers take up more space and are quite expensive, but for an athlete-bodybuilder, such a simulator at home is a dream.

See if there is a pulse meter, speed and distance measurement sensor, calories burned and similar functions on the exercise bike. Advanced models are equipped with additional features and training programs. On some models there is a built-in player and other devices.

Exercise bike system

There are three types:

mechanical – braking is carried out due to the work of pure mechanics. The stronger the belt tension and flywheel compression, the higher the load. This system is the cheapest, but extremely heavy, noisy and subject to catastrophic wear. It will have to be repaired once a year, no less;

Magnetic – an ideal braking system, working due to the magnetic field, resulting from your own actions. Silent, light, just disassembled, but costs three to four times more expensive than mechanical;

Electromagnetic – professional braking system, based on the magnetic, but requires a connection from the network. Durable system that can withstand huge loads.

How to choose an exercise bike for home?

Are you a professional athlete who buys a simulator, so as not to go to the gym once again? Then you have to fork out and choose an expensive, functional model. If you just want to lose weight and strengthen your body, the usual exercise bike with a mechanical braking system is also quite suitable. If you have problems with the nervous system, choose an exercise bike with a magnetic load system that does not rattle while pedaling. Take into account every little thing, so you do not regret their choice.

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