There are many training techniques to help the player perform better. Although there are many techniques to train, choosing the right type of training depends on the game and situation. 

Every player has their own need for the type of training for a footballer. It may be physical strength training, strategic planning training that can be used for best chest learning, and so on.  To help the players learn and retrain the information using combinations of methods can be of great benefit. Previously believed that an athlete at the age of 25 compared to an athlete at 45 would perform better. That performance declines with age, but here are why athletes now perform better and far more extended period than before.  We cannot give all credits to nutrition alone. Still, their coaches are also responsible for hard work and training and a simple understanding that to serve better and continue body needs to be adequately trained to stay nimble, agile, and flexible even if aging starts kicking its way in. 

We have noted down the pros and cons of each technique for our better understanding.

 Focus on bar speed—not weight lifting

 Admit it or not, the bitter truth is aging will slow you down gradually no matter what. If you play a sport that demands high speed and explosiveness, surviving to stay longer in such a profession may be difficult if you are slow. Move bar faster and lighten up. You don’t need to squat an incredible weight. Johnny Paker, a coach from 1984 to 2007 reportedly said, he would stop players from squatting double their body weight. Because to maximize the rate of force produced, really rattling the plates which are going down under control and then up as quickly as possible is the best way to preserve speed; you don’t need to squat anymore.

As players get older, strength coaches can help to regain and retain strength for a more extended period. These coaches are focused on bar speed rather than the rate of force development.  

Use of free weights

For explosive exercise, isokinetic squat machines can be of great use. These machines can include cycling (bike), but they are more effective for the longer body, but the old free weight training will be practical if you want to build a whole body. Parker “Fitness machines are history now” why? Simply because these machines target only limited muscles, not the entire body, the Olympic-style training engages the ignored but most crucial muscles.  It incorporates essential and most likely ignored muscles like erector spine, cuff, etc. 

Hit your hips harder (horizontally)

Hips and approaches to training the core have been remarkable evolution since the last few decades. So, before the transition, if you did deep squats, you were hitting your hips hard, which is vertical hip work. Now there is an immense need for horizontal hip work too. Exercise like bridges, lateral shuffles with a resistance band, hip raises, or barbell place across wist is all flat hip work. Players need to keep their hips strong if the hip is solid knees and back is strong, but if the hip is weak, that’s when knee and back inquiries happen.

Train your tendon fibers as hard as possible

It was not long-ago tendons were considered hypo vascular and cannot be trained under any circumstances. With explosive potential and rigidity, tendons can be prepared. How to strengthen the tendon?  The tendons with high load isometrics, while holding to the position supporting 1.5 to 2 times the body weight. This technique also constitutes the material of the tendon. 

Consider your legs more critical than your arms.

Woman Lacing Up Her Gray and Pink Nike Low-top Athletic Shoe

So, what happens when you age? Tendons and ligaments get gravelly, with less supple muscles. Your hormonal level (testosterone) level drops, your body functions like heart rate, oxygen consummation drops, etc. Aging is a true phenomenon. You cannot stop aging, but you can choose to delay aging effects. 

Aging players did fewer workouts in previous years. They focus on stretches rather than some intense movements. In today’s times, the aging athletes praise all those high-intensity workouts they did especially putting all their efforts on legs.

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