Juke Mass Suit Tested by Project Gecko

We sent one of these out to Eli with Project Gecko. He did a great job showing the details of the suit, and how it can be used. Thanks Eli! Read below:


We from Project Gecko got asked from Juke Performance to test their product and believe us we did. Before we show you our opinion about this excellent training tool I would like to introduce myself. My name is George and I am a state recognized Sportstherapist with writing my states exam in training science. After graduating I worked first as a personal trainer and now in a clinic for neurona rehabilitation.

For several weeks I tested the Mass Suit in nearly any way possible to present you now an overview of this Product.


FIt maybe looks complicated at first sight but once explained it’s really easy to take it on and off. On their homepage there are several short instruction videos how to properly put the mass Suit on.

what I like to mention is that there are different grips and also possibilities to adjust the suit on your individual needs. You could just clip the bands to the wrist grips through what you can do drills where free hands are needed like wrestling drills or carrying a gun which is a big plus in my opinion. But instead of just focusing on the fitting itself I like to talk about how effective the mass suit is in reality.

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